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Establishing business relationship !!!

Competing against another 4,500 Chinese stone companies and many stone suppliers in other countries, we fully understand the importance of providing each client with good quality products, excellent service, and real care for the customer's benefit. For without these qualities, our company would not be able to survive. 

1.Q: How to start our business with your company ?

A: First, kindly view our website , choose what you like, items, colors, measurement. Seceondly, Contact us , then we quote the price for you according to your selection. Third , if you like to order our goods for your projects, you need tell us details including size, color, quantity , that would be better that you offer us drawing. Fourth, if you just only like to start this stone business, don’t worry, kindly tell your idea, we would have our experienced Staff to service you! We would tell you what is good popular items in your country and answer you all questions.
2. Q: Where is your main sale market worldwide?
A: Our products are highly level products, are mainly sold to USA, Canada, European country such as Germany ,UK, Spain, Porgual France, and other countries etc., total 50 countries and area now.
3. Q. Do you supply samples for potential customers?
A. yes , samples are avaialble .
4. Q: I would like to know if you could get us an additional discount.
A: We usually give the best price to the potential clients in the first time. There may be a little bit space for negotiation for some colors if you do get a very big order. Please keep in mind price of stone varies from time to time.
5. Q: Is the sample you sent to me the same color for my order? 
A: No. The samples can only represent the blocks we will cut for your order if there is a deal. Stone being a natural resource varies a lot. We will try best to match the sample sent.
6. Q: Can you provide shop drawings according to my sketch? 
A: Yes. Most of our buyers fax sketches to us to convert to CAD shop drawings. However the sketch should specify all detail information,such as sink cutout size and position, edging style, stone size, stone colors, etc. Sometimes you have to send template for a cutout. A sketch without enough information results in too much communication back and forth. And, maybe wrong size product produced.

7. Q: Can I mix Granite with Marble in a container?
A: Yes. You can mix granite with marble.
8. Q: What is maximum stone colors I can buy in a container for countertops and/or tiles/slabs?
A: 4 to 6. We will appreciate an order less than four colors. However some imported colors are not so popular. If you select it, it will make us inefficient and cost will be very high. With regarding to the slab, we usually put 3-4 colors in one container.
9. Q. May I check the quality before the shipping? 
A: yes ,welcome . you can come here or you ask your some friend in china to check the quality, then we ship it.
Quality Control
10. Q:With regard to "color consistency”, I fully understand that certain stones contain inherent “variations” of color and characteristics. These variations in and of themselves are unique; however, become somewhat “consistent” when viewed in a broad perspective. It is my intention to impress upon you the process of selection, which makes our company one of the most successful dimensional stone contractors in North America. I am aware of the limitations, which you speak of; however, we are dedicated to maintaining the quality control standards, which we have established. 
A: W can promise we will try our best to ensure color consistent and highest quality. But is there standard for color consistent? Some stones, for example, Blue butterfly get deferent color shade from same block. We will have our best well-experienced employee inspect every blocks. We can promise each unit of products cutting from the same block and pre-installed in the factory to match its color. We do not own any quarry. Although it may be a shortage of us, it is also an advantage. We get freedom to pick out the best quality blocks from the market without pressure to dump the bad quality blocks if we were quarry owner.
11. Q. Does Granite stain? 
A: Generally speaking, no. All stone, however, is porous to some extent, but Granite has very little porosity. Most colors will never show any moisture. A few colors may show some moisture if exposed for a period of time. For example, a puddle of water left on the counter for 30 minutes for some colors, may show a dark spot when the water is wiped away. This spot will then dry up and no evidence will show. Only a few colors demonstrate this trait. Our granite has a sealer applied at the fabricator, however some customers prefer to apply a stone sealer (available at tile and granite shops) after the granite is installed.
Payment and shipment
12. Q: Which forms of payment do you accept? 
A: We accept TT, and L/C.TT (wire Transfer)--- 30% as deposit before manufacure, 70% balance upon the scanned B/L within ten days. Also accept irrevocable L/C at sight.
13. Q: Can you offer us what is delivery time estimated ?
A:Depend the quantity, but usually it need takes around 15-20 days for producing upon we receive the deposit。We do not make products in stock to keep minimum inventory to ensure our flexibility and cash fluency. It takes around four weeks for fabrication and one more week for fumigation and custom clearing. Depend on our orders at hand. Sometimes we can finish within two weeks but if we are busy with other orders, it takes one month for your turn.
14. Q: How to calculate the weight of stone products? 
A: The density of most of the stone ranges from 2,800 to 3,000 kilogram per cube meter. Tiles in 1cm (3/8") thickness will be around 28 kilogram (62Lb) per square meter. Or 5.8Lb per square foot. Slabs, countertops, vanity tops, tiles in 2cm, (3/4") will be around 56KGS per SQM. Most of the carved fireplace mantels will be around 400KGS to 600KG each unit including package.
Claim for breakage and bad quality
15. Q: How I can minimize lose from broken products? 
A: You can buy insurance to cover damage. The insurance rates is around 0.3-0.5% of total amount. However insurance company do not pay if the damage is less than 2%.
16. Q: How does your company handle claims for damaged product? 
A: In general we do not approve claims for breakage during shipment as there is too much possibility that may incur damage during shipping. Our price is always in FOB thus 
our liability closes when the container passes cross the shipboard.  Sometimes buyers will break products during unloading or unpacking, and a truck driver turn around too fast at a cross will result in the crates fall off from the upper layer even if we brace and reinforce crates in the container. We do what we can to minimize broken. Tiles, pre-fab countertops, vanity tops and tub surround seldom get damaged.
17. Q: How does your company handle claims for poor quality product?
A: We have inspectors for each steps of fabrication. We try every effort to provide quality products to our buyers. However sometimes we did receive claim of quality problem. If there does exist bad quality workmanship due to fault of human being, you should take photos of that product for claim of replacement.
1: What is the minimum quantity for an order of granite slab? 
A: The minimum quantity for an order of granite slabs is one 20 ft container. Even though we only sells directly to importers, distributors, fabricators and wholesalers, but sometimes, it can be allowed by LCL (less container load), it should depend on the Goods items. Details please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to suit your requirment.
2: What is the capacity of a 20ft container of granite slabs? 
A: A 20ft container carries approximately 450 square meters of 2.0 CM thick granite slabs or 300 square meters of 3.0 CM thick granite slabs.
3: How are the granite slabs crated in a container? 
A: The granite slabs are palletized vertically in wooden bundles. The bundles are stowed in the container in such a way that the granite slabs will not move, avoiding any possibility of breakage.
4: How many granite slabs does a bundle hold and how many bundles fit in a container. 
A: A bundle usually holds 8 or 9 slabs of 3 CM thick granite. In case of 2 CM thick granite, a bundle carries about 11 or 12 slabs. A 20ft container takes 6 bundles of granite slabs. Therefore, a 20ft container holds about 54 slabs of 3 cm thick granite and holds about 72 slabs of 2 cm thick granite.
5: What is the lead-time for container orders? 
A: We  will ship container orders in 2 or 3 weeks. The ocean transit-time is approximately 4 weeks to most North America ports and European Ports. Therefore, the total lead-time for container orders is about 6 to 7 weeks.

Why choose Shun Stone?


1.what we are different from other fabricators & exporter in China:

We come from stone factory and have own factories, quarries and trading company, we know about the produce, package and export process very well,  Shun stone can give you more professional suggestion to do a great project and save lots of money because we experienced work with a lot of Architects, project contractors and wholesalers all over the world many years. Customization is available.

2.The most competitive price: 
For give you a low price, we buy blocks directly from quarry even if we import from oversea quarry, If you are a big importer/distributor/wholesaler/ project contractor with regular orders, please contact us. Lowest prices guaranteed!

3.Highest & reliable quality:
We have professional inspector to do strict quality control on every order for our customers. Our aim is 0% complaine and 100% satisfaction.

4.Widest product choices: 
We provide all stone products for interior and exterior building, remodeling and decoration, covering kitchen countertop, bathroom vanity-top and sink, flooring tile, walling cladding, garden stone, tombstone, kerbstone, cubestone, etc. we have more than 1000 natural stone colors and over 5000 products for selection.

5.Professional services: 
Our salespeople will answer all of your questions. They are periodically trained by leading designers on the principles of interior and exterior design, and will be able to help you pick a color and pattern that will compliment your home. Professional and thoughtful customer care and services are key to our customers and our business. We would like to be friends with you not only your supplier

Customer satisfaction is our motto!
Most of our business is generated by referrals from previous contented customers and repeat clients. Please read below some of the comments from satisfied clients:

1.Client from USA - Carvings
Will gladly provide a reference for your company to other US customers if helpful .
We have received the angel in good condition. The angel is so VERY, VERY beautiful. Your artists did exceptional work. Thank you so much for all of your assistance. You are very professional and provide excellent customer service. 
A very fine marble expert (European trained) looked at our angel. His comments were very favorable both regarding the quality (hardness) of the marble for the outside and the skill of the carvers. This is a very high compliment to you. Thank you again!
---------Libby Craft

2.Client from USA-Tiles 
Your company is among the best I have seen in all aspect of the business, service, communications, quality and delivery. Many thanks personally to you and your staff for the effort you made in satisfying me as a customer. Your shipment came as expected and was delivered to my warehouse today and all the material seems to be well packed and labeled. You should be proud of your company and the quality of the products and services you have provided. I give you an excellent grade for this.
---------Ali Khan

3.Client from USA - Pavings in "French Ashlar" pattern
Thank you for making my purchase experience a pleasure! I have many years experience in the semiconductor industry so know that problems/delays often occur with shipments. The ownership your customer support people showed gives me the confidence that any issues would be dealt with in a timely and professional manner. From my experience customers don't judge you on the number of problems you have but on how you resolve them.
-------Phil Barnes

4. Client from United States – slabs
We like the quality and hope to discuss one more container and may be another cut-to-size project with you in near future. I will call you tomorrow to discuss cut-to-size and see if you can support it. 
------- Bill Lamba

5.Client from Ukraine-Project
Thank you for your trouble. Hope it will help in the future to make more useful cooperation.
-------Elena Livshyts

6.Client from UK -- fireplaces
Product very good, after some initial problems getting the design right. Stone colour variation was a bit of a problem, but generally very good.
-------Will Statt

7.Client from Tanzania -- Project 
The package is done almost perfectly because the goods can be traced easily with the numbers. The flexibility is also attractive because the customer’s requirement can be met.

8.Client from Tanzania -- national project
We have handed over the project already to the parliament. The opening ceremony was done very very big. It is the biggest opening event in the Tanzania history. Almost all the heads of government have attended. The president, vice president, prime minister and the retired two presidents and the all the ambassadors were there. It was a national event. 
I will send you the pictures later. 
This building will be the symbol of Tanzania like the Tian an men of China and the congress building of America. It is very good. 

9.Client from South Africa -- counter tops
The 2 containers were unloaded today. I went personally to the harbour to get a first impression. Congratulations -- it appears that we can expect good quality once we unpacked the crates (only next week) I liked the way the crates were strong ( remember that the only reason why we single stack a container is that we had so much damage due to poor crating with many other Chinese companies ). I had a peek at the strips and the polish of the edges and it looked good too. I shall give you a detailed report once all crates are unpacked. Keep up the good work!
(second email, one week later.)
We have unpacked all crates and we are happy with the job done.
--------Gerhard Stotzel

10.Client from Switzerland-- Tiles & Steps,etc. 
We would like to do business with you, when we will have in future requirements. On this place we thank you for your contribution to our good work.
--------Heidi Buholzer

11.Client from New Zealand -- Tiles
I have received the goods in excellent condition and the quality is very high. I have enjoyed dealing with you and would recommend you and your company to anyone who may need your products. The Ministry of Agriculture agent who inspected the container said that yours was the cleanest container he had ever seen come out of China and that if all containers were that good he would be very happy.
-------Angus Robson

12.Client from Norway -- Pavings,kerbs,etc. 
Cut and flamed granite and picked granite are good (very good).
--------Yngvar Oddenes

13.Client from Ireland -- Pier Caps, bench, carvings, counter tops, etc.
I have to congratulate you on the wonderful creation you have made in the black seat. My wife and I are very excited and delighted on the beautiful creation. The lettering “Skylark Hill” is equally fantastic and exactly what is required. Thank you.
--------Johny Janssens

14.Client from Guatemala -- counter tops
We received our first shipment from you TODAY! It was unloaded at the GYT tower 1. I am proud to say that you delivered exactly what you promised. 
We are very excited to develop further commercial relationship with you. 
---------Javier Calvo

15.Client from Germany -- Carvings 
The very good communication and the reliability.
--------Michael Penz

16.Client from Czech Republic -- Project
Just to inform that first container is already at site and my customer is satisfied! I really appreciated your efforts and your service for this supply!
--------Yossi Zimbris

17.Client from Cyprus -- pool copings
CHINA ( FUJIAN) STONES INC. produced and delivered what I have asked for .
---------D Kounoupiotis

18.Client from Canada -- Inventory products
For you information, out of the 2000 golf tees and markers received, they found only 15 that were totally wrong; such as 285 instead of 258, or 169 instead of 196. That is 3/4 of 1%, which is very good. 
---------D. Kennedy

19.Client from Canada -- national project
The project was a phenomenal success! There is no website yet but it was covered by almost all the national papers. (of Sept.18,2006) 
-------- Dave Kennedy

20.Client from Costa Rita – Project
I really appreciate your help, patience and understanding throughout all this, and am in contact with the logistics group to see how we can reimburse you for this latest trouble.
We are starting a new project here in the next couple of weeks, which is in very early architectural stages at this time. We will aim to include a variety of stone surfaces into the design of this project, both interior and exterior, and hope that you will be able to help us with this when we get to that stage.
-------- Dirk Stubenrauch

21.Client from Belgium -- Project
Quality is good, price is good.
--------Martin Oliver

22.Client from Australia – Project 
Attached are photo’s of the building we did with your Padang Dark granite. We get many compliments on this building. 
Thank you for your help with this. 
-------- Andrew Doven