A Guide to Whiskey Stones


In our mind ,  there are few things better in life than a glass of premium Whisky or Scotch served at room temperature, but for some folks, that dram goes down even smoother when cold. For that, you can add some ice , if you prefer a drink without water , a few whiskey stones ( known as whisky rocks).

You should ask what exactly are whiskey stones ?

The answer is pretty straightforward: they’re cubed or spherical alternatives to ice that are made natural  materials like soapstone or even stainless steel. They are food Grade , passed FDA LFGB certificates. Because they don’t melt, whisky stones won’t dilute your drink any more.

Now for the more important wonder: do whiskey stones actually work?

The good news is that whiskey rocks– or whisky stones, depending on where you hail from – do work, generally speaking.


Whiskey Stones In Natural Stone cubes 2x2x2cm ie 0.8″x0.8″x0.8″ 

Soapstone Whisky Stones

When most people hear the words “whisky stones” or “whisky rocks”, they picture the nonporous soapstone . While not as effective as stainless steel, soapstone has a rugged aesthetic going for it, in that each whisky stone quite literally consists of chiseled rock. Meanwhile, because the soapstone is nonporous, no harmful flavors or aromas will get into your whisky. Here are the best soapstone whisky stones:

Stainless Steel Whisky Stones 

As mentioned above, many of the best whisky stones aren’t stones at all, but metal Ice Cube .


Stainless Steel Bullets

True to their name, these stainless steel whiskey stones resemble beautiful bullets.  they won’t dilute your drink without melt and water . Plus, they’re a sure-fire conversation starter. Get a set for yourself and one for your whiskey-loving (or gun-toting) friend.

Basalt Whiskey Stones 

Similar to soapstone, basalt is a naturally occurring material that can be shaped down to size and supplemented for ice. Expect your whisky to be cool–though rarely cold–when using these whisky rocks.

A perfect gift for friends or loved ones,  eight granite whisky rocks, two slate coaster ,  two crystal whisky glasses, and a velvet bag and a tong . It all comes inside a luxurious wooden box


Granite Whisky Stones

Available in a set of six are these completely distinctive granite whisky rocks . Get them for the eye-catching patterns, keep them for the undiluted, chilled whisky.


Post time: Sep-04-2019
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