• Chill your liquor without dilution—Whiskey Ice Stone

    Chill your liquor without dilution Whiskey Stones are the perfect gift for the man (or bad ass woman) in your life that loves a perfectly chilled single malt bourbon. These hand-crafted soapstone cubes work just like ice, except that soapstone doesn't melt. So...
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  • Why Should We Use Whiskey Stones Instead Of Ice?

    Whiskey Stones are ideal for drinking with high quality whiskey because they keep it at the perfect sipping temperature (50 degrees), whereas ice cubes can make the whiskey too cold and ruin the flavor.  A handful of ice will take a drink to just under 40 degrees, and to deep freeze a drink quic...
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  • Pure Soapstone Whiskey Ice Rock Stone?

    1.SIMPLY THE BEST WHISKEY STONES – Handcrafted by real skilled craftsmen with decades of experience. All of our whiskey rocks are made from 100 % soapstone with no fillers then cut into perfect squares cubes to become the best whiskey stones. 2.REUSABLE AND DISHWASHER SAFE – Because o...
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  • what are whiskey stones?

    Natural whiskey ice stone – never dilute the taste of whiskey! Every mouthful of delicious whisky comes from unadorned land, rich natural ingredients, and a hundred years of artificial brew… But the traditional method of adding ice to the ice will inevitably ruin the mellow taste of w...
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