The Difference Between Crystal Glass and Ordinary Glass

The difference between crystal glass and ordinary glass is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Material: Crystal glass is made of high-purity quartz, silicate and other materials, while ordinary glass is made of alkali metal, borate, lime and other materials.



Transparency: The transparency of crystal glasses is higher than that of ordinary glasses, and it has better optical properties, so the appearance of crystal cups is more crystal clear.



Refraction: Because of the high refractive index of crystal glass, crystal glasses can better refract light, making the liquid color appear brighter when drinking.


Texture: The texture of the crystal glass is relatively heavy, and the feel is more uniform and smooth, while the ordinary glass is relatively light.


Value: Because the process of making crystal glasses is more complex, and has higher purity and optical properties, crystal glasses are more expensive than ordinary glasses, and are often regarded as high-level and precious drinking vessels.


All in all, the difference between crystal glasses and ordinary glasses lies in the aspects of material, transparency, refraction, texture and value. Crystal glasses are more textured and ornamental, while ordinary glasses are more common and affordable.


Post time: Jul-11-2023

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