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Creative Rotating Design: This whiskey glass is hand-made with high-quality transparent lead-free crystal glass, with an excellent hemispherical bottom that can be easily rotated. The thick-bottomed and thick-walled cup body is sturdy and durable, and it rotates gracefully and smoothly on the wooden coaster. Allows you to help relieve tension and reduce stress while enjoying drinks.



Three-Dimensional Appearance: finely crafted crystal glass, crystal clear, three-dimensional texture, comfortable to hold, the cup mouth is round and smooth, and the lips are extremely comfortable to touch. The rotating design of the tumbler shape not only adds a perfect complement to the drinking experience, but also becomes a fashion! Imagine that every wine tasting will attract everyone’s attention and is impressive.

Premium Walnut Coasters: The uniquely designed wooden tray is surprising.meticulous round bottom and outer ring of cup mouth, can be used as a coaster or a lid for your choice. The natural wood grain is very conspicuous, show the luxurious style and gorgeous color. The thickened drinking coaster ensures long-lasting durability, better protection and fixation of the cups, decorative table tops, and rich rotation functions to add more atmosphere and conversation to any gathering.



Whiskey Rotating Glass Cup Set: including 2 old fashioned whiskey glasses and 2 matching round-bottom design wooden coasters, suitable for Bourbon, Scotch Whiskey, Vodka, Cocktails, Tequila, Gin, Cognac, Rum, Red wine and Beer, etc., also It can be used to hold juice, iced tea and other beverages. Very suitable for parties, bars, restaurants and families.


Post time: Jun-28-2022

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