Bourbon whisky history

Bourbon whisky whose name comes from its origin, Bourbon County, Kentucky. This whisky is usually amber, sweeter than other whisky wine and heavier in testing.. According to American wine law, Bourbon Whisky must be produced in the United States, and the brewing material must contain 51 to 79% from corn, and other available brewing materials are not regulated by law, and the common ones are malt, wheat and rye. Let’s review the history of Bourbon Whisky.


In 1783, the Samuels family began to produce traditional whisky, and it was not until 1840 that T.W. Samuel developed the secret recipe of Bourbon. In 1943 after the ban was abolished, Bill Samuel burned the secret recipe and wanted to produce a Bourbon Whisky without bitterness. Soon, maker’s mark was born. Now bill Samuel’s son, the youngest, runs the business of his family Bourbon. In the same year, evan williams built a brewery near to Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky, the first commercial brewery in Kentucky. In 1785, Bourbon county was established, and Bourbon county was named after the family name of Louis XVI, the king of France. The former Bourbon county was formed by 14 villages, and now Bourbon has nothing to do with Bourbon Whisky. Most of the Bourbon wineries today are concentrated in Louisville, Frankfurt and bazton.