Chill your liquor without dilution—Whiskey Ice Stone

Chill your liquor without dilution

Whiskey Stones are the perfect gift for the man (or bad ass woman) in your life that loves a perfectly chilled single malt bourbon. These hand-crafted soapstone cubes work just like ice, except that soapstone doesn't melt. So, the flavor of the whiskey is never compromised.

Non-porous soapstone won't scratch your glass

Whiskey Stones are simple to use: put them in your freezer for four hours and then add three to your drink. The relatively soft soapstone holds its temperature for hours and won't scratch your glass.
Additionally, the natural soapstone of Whiskey Stones is completely safe and approved by the FDA. It won't react with household solvents such as water, alcohol, detergent, or mild acids.

Flavorless, odorless Whiskey Stones provide a sustained chill

Ice is porous. This means that it can absorb the odors and flavors present in your freezer or ice maker. Those potentially less-than-ideal aromas will then ooze into your whiskey. Gross. Additionally, ice melts and will dilute your drink. Boo.
Whiskey Stones, on the other hand, are non-porous. Therefore, they will chill your dram without affecting its flavor. The only thing you'll notice in your glass is the perfectly balanced spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Whiskey Stones with other liquors/spirits?

Absolutely! Whiskey Stones are so-named because they were originally designed by a man who loved his single malt whiskey. However, any liquor that you wish to chill without watering it down can benefit from Whiskey Stones.

Will they work with wine?

They will. However, we would recommend Wine Pearls if you're only looking to chill wine.

Is it safe to put Whiskey Stones into a liquid that I'm going to drink?

We suppose it's as safe as plying yourself with 80% grain alcohol. We kid, we kid! Yes, Whiskey Stones are safe to put into your drink. In fact, the FDA has classified them as such. We wouldn't sell them if they weren't safe!

Are the Whiskey Stones naturally cold? How do they actually cool the drink?

Soapstone (the material that comprises the Whiskey Stones) must be chilled before going into your drink. Simply keep your Whiskey Stones in your freezer and you'll always have a few handy. You only need three Whiskey Stones per glass. Talc, the primary ingredient in soapstone, is especially effective at retaining its temperature for long periods of time.

Why shouldn't I just use ice?

Someone wasn't paying attention in class! Whiskey Stones don't melt (so they don't water down your drink), they hold a chill for much longer, and they're completely odorless and tasteless.

What if I don't like whiskey?

 Drink some anyway. It'll put some hair on your chest.

Post time: Mar-25-2019
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