Easter is an important festival in the west, on the first Sunday after the full moon on the equinox every year. It is a Christian festival commemorating the resurrection of Jesus on the third day after he was crucified.

Easter eggs

During the festival, people boil the eggs and paint them red according to the traditional custom, which represents the swan’s crying blood and the happiness after the birth of the goddess of life. Adults and children gather in groups and play with colored eggs. They roll the eggs on the ground or on the slope. The winner will win if they break up. The winner will get all the players’ eggs. The event is very popular, and the White House will organize the game during Easter. It is believed that the egg rolling back and forth on the ground can make the devil constantly tremble and suffer. This custom has a long history, the egg as a symbol of Easter, because it indicates the arrival of new life, people believe that new life will be washed out of the world.


Easter Bunny

Another symbol of Easter is the bunny, because it has a strong reproductive capacity, people see it as the creator of new life. During the festival, adults will vividly tell children that Easter eggs will hatch into bunnies. Many families will also put some eggs in the garden lawn, let the children play the game of looking for eggs. Easter eggs and bunnies are also popular during the festival.


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