high quality lead free whiskey glass

SHUN STONE whiskey glass is made by high quality lead free glass, With four rock glasses like this, the reputation for quality is still behind the tableware. which is elegant and elegant, and elevate the art of raise drinking to a kind of luxury. Each of the four glasses is twistle, which gives it a modern feel.
This rock glass is hot selling in Amazon , designed to hold larger ice cubes, so any melting is gradual and will not degrade the water quality of your special whiskey or favorite cocktail. The broader design came from spirits expert Zane Harris, who worked with Riedel to ensure versatility. This cute glass allows you to bring some of the experience of drinking in a handmade cocktail bar to your home.

The glassware brands are moving in the opposite direction, making their glasses very suitable for those who admire minimalist aesthetics. There are two sets of oversized glasses to choose from, which also give a nice feel, making them perfect for tasting your favorite Scotch, bourbon or whiskey cocktail.

Post time: Apr-26-2021

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