How to Cook “Stone Bowl” “Steak Stone”

SteakStones-Hot-Stone-Cooking-System-5 石头烤盘e

At he first time to use Cooking Stoneit is better to spray cooking oil on the surface several times, and heat it with a small fire . Good for Restaurant , welcome to contact us freely .

What are the advantages of Cooking Stone?

  1. Stone is a natural & good heat conductor. After high temperature heating, it can volatilize out a variety of elements (carbon, calcium, magnesium, potassium, carbon, selenium) which are good for body .
  2. Create the watering food . The far infrared ray can penetrate the food and make the inside and outside of the food heated at the same time. The food is instantly cooked, which can better retain the nutritional value of the food.
  3. It is long History of Cooking Stone in China, there are records about the diet, it is popular as green cooking set fr
  4. The Cooking Stone is Food Grade , FDA , LFGB approval.

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About the crack problem:

Our Cooking Stone plate is 100% made of natural stone without any coating. It is FDA LFGB approval . We have test reports. However, when you burn the stone on the fire , there will be crack which natural by the characteristic of the stone itself. The stone may crack at the first time, may crack after several times .each cooking stone’s density is different. If it cracked but no worry , because it does not affect the using. BBQ STONE is very popular in the world , because it is Natural and Healthy , you cook what you want by yourself. Kindly be noted that all the stone with cracks is normal and does not affect the using.

Post time: Oct-08-2019
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