How to drink whiskey ( 2)

Highball” is actually a series of spirits + carbonated drinks cocktail collectively. Jintangli is a highball, so is Erguotou with coke. But the most common is whisky and soda

The highball drinking method originated from England is popular all over the world, but the Japanese are the most poisoned. Japanese say that a friend who hasn’t drunk highball together in a tavern is not a real friend.


When it comes to highball, it’s very simple. First prepare a long and thin highball cup, then fill the cup with 3-4 square ice cubes, then pour in about 30ml whisky and 100ml soda water in turn, and finally stir well. If you want to add another aroma, you can also add lemon slices.Because of the bubble property of soda water, it will make this kind of whisky refreshing and make the body of whisky lighter.


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Post time: Apr-30-2021

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