how to drink whiskey ( 3)

The third kind of legal pure drink

In the holy land of whisky – Ayre Island, most people advocate pure drinking. They believe that the greatest respect for whisky, the “water of life”, is to taste it directly at room temperature without adding any drinks.

If the feeling of highball is free, unrestrained and uninhibited, the feeling of pure drinking is conservative, prudent and mature. Pure drink can make people feel the most original flavor of whisky, taste carefully, whisky aroma and mellow will roll in the mouth.

If you want to drink, the choice of cup is not careless, the best choice is tulip cup. Because its mouth is slightly closed, the aroma of whisky will be more concentrated and slowly distributed. SHUN STONE tulip cup is made by 100% lead free glass, It looks crystal clear, shining with crystal like light, and the mouth of the cup is narrowed, which can retain the strong aroma of whiskey, so that you can feel the fragrance of the wine for a longer time.



Post time: May-06-2021

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