MOJITO, the most cool drinking in summer

Mojito is one of the most famous rum mixers. It originated in Cuba. Traditionally, mogito is a cocktail made of five ingredients: light rum, sugar (traditionally cane juice), lime juice, soda and mint. The original Cuban formula used spearmint or lemon mint, which is common on the island of Cuba. The refreshing taste of lime and mint is to complement the strength of rum and make this transparent and colorless blend one of the hot drinks in summer. This blend has a relatively low alcohol content (about 10%).


1) Put the lime juice, mint leaves and syrup into a glass. Squeeze the mint leaves a little with a pestle.


2) Shake the blender vigorously until the wine is fully chilled, about 20 seconds. Add ice to a 10 Ounce glass and strain into the glass. Top with soda and garnish with mint leaves


3) Add the rum, then add ice cubes until full, add a little soda, and stir with a long spoon (from top to bottom).


4) Put in the mint branch as decoration, and then insert the straw

Post time: Jun-21-2021

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