Nick , Welcome to visit us

17th August 2019 , Rainy

Today is very Special and important  for us , our good friend Nick from UK came to visit us , it is fantastic meeting , he is the top sales always !! Perfect Nick , well done ! 

Our Nina she is professional and great in service , we are happy Nick is satisfied . Long long term business way , since we Shunstone are a Great team to make your idea to come true !

Come on , dears , visit us any time , welcome to China , Welcome to Shunstone !

main products :    bar —-whiskey stones , whiskey glass stone gift set , whiskey decanter set , chilling rocks

kitchen —– cooking stone set , cooking bowl , stone mortar , pizza stone  , food trays

house using products :  stone coaster, marble mosaic , marble medallions , stone arts


This is the moment,This is the day,This is the moment when we met . Moment for moment,This was the moment, The greatest moment of them all!

Nick With Shunstone

Post time: Sep-03-2019
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