Pumpkin is also a symbol of Halloween

Pumpkin is also a symbol of Halloween. Pumpkin is orange, so orange has become a traditional Halloween color. Making jack-o-lanterns from pumpkins is also a Halloween tradition, and its history can be traced back to Ireland. It is said that there is a man named Jack who is very stingy, so he can’t enter heaven after death, and because he teases the devil, he can’t enter hell, so he can only carry a lantern around until judgment day. So Jack and jack-o-lantern


became the symbol of the cursed wandering soul. In order to scare away these spirits on Halloween, people use turnips, beets or potatoes to carve terrible faces to represent jack with a lantern. This is the origin of jack-o ‘- lantern. After the Irish moved to the United States, they began to carve with pumpkins, because in the United States, pumpkins are more abundant than turnips in autumn. Now, if people hang jack-o-lanterns in their windows on Halloween night, it means that people in costumes can knock on the door and ask for candy.


Post time: Jul-21-2021

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