”the classic forever, Love for ever”-best gift for father’s day

     20th june, 2021 is the 111th Father’s Day. On this special day, let’s review the origin of Father’s Day and let’s feel the mountain of father’s love together

       The first Father’s Day in the world, born in 1910 in the United States, was advocated by Mrs. Bruce Dodd (Mrs.Dodd,Sonora Louise Smart Dodd), who lived in Spokane, Washington, USA. When Mrs. Dodd’s mother gave birth to her sixth child, she died of childbirth. Mrs. Dodd’s father, Mr. William Smart (Mr.William Smart), took part in the Civil War. After his wife died, he was alone on a rural farm in eastern Washington State to raise and educate six children. Mrs. Dodd was the second child in the family and the only girl in the family, She was able to appreciate her father’s hard work, Mr. Smart worked hard during the day and went home at night to take care of the housework and the life of every child. After decades of hard work, the children finally grew up. When the children looked forward to Mr. Smart’s good old age, Mr. Smart died in 1909 because of years of overwork


        On Father’s Day, people choose specific flowers to express their respect and yearning for their father, people adopt Mrs. Dodd’s advice,  red roses to show love to the living father, white roses to express the memory of the dead father, this custom has been spread to this day, the dates of Father’s Day are different, and some places use dandelion as a symbol of Father’s Day, some places with a green leaf of white Ding Xiang to pay tribute to his father.

     In 1924, President Coolidge supported the proposal to establish a national Father’s Day. In 1966, President Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday of June that year Father’s Day in the United States. In 1972, President Nixon signed an official document setting the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day for the whole of the United States, and became a permanent anniversary for the United States.

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