tumbler drinking glass for summer day !

What is the first thing that comes to mind about summer?

 It’s probably the shadow of trees swaying with the wind, sweet ice cream, the waves rolling back and forth, and the sapphire blue sky~

 And this,  tumbler top cup recommended for you today~

 The glass is a perfect match for summer. It’s great to drink water in summer.


 The transparent glass brightens people’s mood. The boiled water seems to have a sweet taste, and the bubble water seems to be more sensitive. The mouth of the glass is beating with happy small drops of water, and there is no dry gas in a mouthful. Beautiful and innovative glasses are rare. Our top cup has smooth and beautiful lines. The top rotates to sober up, elegant and interesting. With a gentle hand, the bottle body starts to rotate 360 degrees like a top on the base tray. The crystal clear thickened wear-resistant glass design, combined with various clear lines, is also very good-looking! Holding it in your hand is also super textured. It’s pleasing to the eye even on the table. At a glance in summer, the cold feeling is full marks, not to mention drinking water or drinking.


 Although it is a modeling cup with full sense of design, it still moves your heart in the details~

 1. The smooth cup mouth design is firm and thick without hurting the mouth;

 2. Three dimensional texture design, unique shape;

 3. The thickened bottom can not be rotated down, so don’t worry about its fragility. You deserve the cup of beauty and strength side by side~

 This is a relaxing and fun cup


 Put it on the table and touch the glass with your hand. It will cut obliquely and rotate around the center

 When you raise the glass, it becomes a magnifying glass again

 It adopts crystal clear lead-free glass with clear hammer texture, adding an elegance!

Post time: Apr-12-2022

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