what are whiskey stones?

Natural whiskey ice stone – never dilute the taste of whiskey!

Every mouthful of delicious whisky comes from unadorned land, rich natural ingredients, and a hundred years of artificial brew… But the traditional method of adding ice to the ice will inevitably ruin the mellow taste of whiskey.

Some people think that whisky should not be iced, but some people think it tastes better, but they don’t like normal water ice anyway. The invention of the Whisky ice stone (Whisky Stones) to find the perfect solution for them: the oldest soapstone by a factory production, you only need to connect their packaging bag in the refrigerator frozen together after add whiskey, they can cool as ice wine, but not dilute full-bodied taste of Whisky. Even the people who love the whisky have a centuries-old whiskey ice stone as a cool invention, and they’ll definitely make your whiskey even more delicious!

Product Details:

Instead of cooling water ice cubes, it won’t dilute whiskey or drink!

+ production of one of the oldest soapstone factories

Technology comes from the century-old Scandinavian civilization

The best gift for whisky lovers!

+ includes: 9 whiskey ice stone and special flannelette bag

Size: each whiskey ice stone is about 2cm x 2cm x 2cm

Post time: Mar-25-2019
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