why choose straight shape whiskey glass

straight shape whiskey glass 

The straight bottle whisky glass has a great capacity, coupled with the environmentally friendly and healthy glass material, so that you can DIY out different whisky drinking methods at home.


The straight cylinder whisky glass is very similar to the high ball glass and kosling cup. It is also a straight cylinder shape with large capacity design. It is very suitable for filling whisky soda. It is made of crystal glass, which is resistant to low and high temperature, and has excellent light transmittance. It can not only show the color of whisky, but also has a high beauty when bubbles are attached to the glass wall, It tastes better when served with ice.


I hope the above simple sharing can let you know more about the three common types of whisky glasses. You are also welcome to leave interactive messages about whisky and glasses.


Post time: Sep-03-2021

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