how to use our steak stone

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Lava steak stone bring us Natural Flavor of food 

While Cooking While eating 

Everybody is best chef 

The below are some usage of the steak stones , please check :
1.The lava stone is OK  to heat by oven / grill/ even fire  , let the degree can be 280-350 degree for oven  , time is about 30-40 minutes .
2. The Steak Stone In the oven cooks app. 20-40 minutes , cooking stone’s degree will go up to 350-380 degree , very hot , be careful , you can test it by 1-2 drops of water , if you find the water is sizzling and go fast , the stone is ready to cook . Put and cook  whatever you love ( steak , fish , chicken , beef , vegetable)  on the table  . 
3. The lava steak stone will keep the heat more than 30 minutes , you will find the stone is still hot , please do not touch it by your hand . 
4. Wash it and let it dry , it can be use again again .
remarks: the stone is natural from volcano , it is natural if go broken after heating , it is very few happen . So before using , we suggest you to take a bath of stone in to the rice water more than 12 hours .

Post time: Sep-18-2019
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