I didn’t expect steak could to be “fire free” cooking

I wanted to eat it when I looked at it   It is estimated that many young people don’t like cooking themselves. When they arrive at the meal order, they go out and eat it. Many people will feel that the food outside is better than that we cook. After all, it is unnecessary to spend money on it, but what kind of food do you often eat?


 Steak is kind of food which lots of people like to eat, I also like it very much, so my classmates took me to a steak shop to taste, but the steak here makes me open-minded, because the steak here is not made of fire, then do not use fire grill and what kind of roast?


The steak beef is cooking by nature stone,  But how do you bake it with stone? In fact, this stone has a mystery. This is not a stone that we will see everywhere, but a kind of nature lava stone . It has been heated make the temperature after heating is enough to bake a steak.


Do you think it’s amazing? This stone uses its spare temperature to bake the steak. It tastes super delicious when it is roasted. Because the chef will sprinkle the flavoring material on it. They call it “flameless Steak”. Finally, the fire-free steak is so fine. You see it is the same as the one baked with fire, but the taste is quite different. It is more delicious and fresh. i think which is worth for testing , let’s go!


Post time: Jun-01-2021

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