what is rock cooking ?

Rock cooking is a new way of food combining traditional cooking and BBQ spirit. It cuts the volcanic rocks into plates, and then uses a special oven to heat the plates to 400 ℃, and then uses the heat contained in the plates to barbecue food.


It is said that the cooking technique of rock burning was invented by Maori, the indigenous people of Australia. Because the stone was hot in the sun, Maori discovered it and used it to cook food; Later people found that this kind of rock cooking meat has a special flavor, and refined it, and then it became popular all over the world.


The first is the choice of rock stoneWhen Maori invented rock cooking, they used local materials to heat rock plates to roast kangaroo and other meat; lava stone from volconic emphasizes quality, but not any stone can be used as a tool for rock burning. Generally speaking, nature lava stone is a kind of volcanic stone,  This kind of rock has excellent heat storage and heat resistance, and has fine texture and uniform heat transfer. When barbecue food, it will not produce sand or any harmful chemicals, so it is very suitable for barbecue food,


The reason why rock cooking  must use the best ingredients is closely related to advocating the original taste. Only fresh and plump ingredients can give out the best taste. Generally speaking, beef, mutton and seafood are good meat materials for rock cooking 



Post time: Jun-07-2021

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